What Others Had To Say

Judith Leong officiated our wedding at Kukio beach on Hawaii recently in September and she couldn't have helped make the experience more perfect. It was an absolute privilege to meet someone as kind and friendly as Judith and to have her marry us in such a beautiful location.

I found Judith's name online by searching Big Island wedding officiants and was impressed by her warm and welcoming style. Many officiants seemed to describe their services in rich, flowery prose, but Judith seemed more authentic and real - an impression that would later be confirmed upon meeting her in person. As ours would be a wedding between two men, I was also looking for an officiant who not only supports same-sex ceremonies, but doesn't mention same-sex ceremonies as a kind of "also-ran" or secondary focus to what they do. Judith described same-sex ceremonies she's officiated with equal footing and respect as conventional ceremonies. This isn't open-mindedness, it's an attitude of complete compassion and acceptance for everyone. This helped us decide that Judith was the right person for us. 

Upon confirming the details with her and getting our date set, Judith helpfully provided a lot of guidance to make the ceremony exactly as we envisioned it. We live in Canada and would not be visiting the island for another seven months but were totally supported by Judith with emails and calls along the way. Judith sent sample scripts, blessings, readings, and outlines to give us the flexibility to have a totally customized ceremony. "Have fun with it!", she told me. Among what can be the many stressful facets of planning a destination wedding, I felt completely at ease with Judith. She communicated to us quickly and clearly and gave no reason for us to ever be worried about how things would turn out. 

Arriving in Hawaii, I provided Judith with copies of our ceremony and met her for the first time in person. She was perfect. I was charmed, relieved, and humbled. Not only had a met someone who was smart and funny, but I also reflected on how lucky we would be to be married by her. Judith speaks warmly and is a great conversationalist making people feel included and interested. Afterwards, I laughed with my fiance that we should call the wedding off so I can marry Judith instead!

On the day of our ceremony, Judith arrived early to make sure any last details were accounted for and to get us prepared. Without a lot of pomp we kicked off our sandals, had a laugh, and got started. She spoke the words of our ceremony - prepared weeks before back home in Canada - in such a disarming way that I felt immediately at ease. I didn't have to reflect on anything else but her words, the place, and my partner. Being surrounded by the natural beauty in Hawaii is deeply emotive. Judith honored the specialness of the place in her delivery with a calm pace and clear tone, in both English and Hawaiian. She looked beautiful and had everything arranged for the lei exchange, ring exchange, ti-leaf blessing, and a unique contribution from my partner and I - a rock-throwing ritual into the ocean! I look at the pictures now and reflect that I've never been so happy in my life. She helped make this happen.

We met Judith one last time before we left the island to receive a copy of our ceremony as a memento of the day and to thank her again for officiating. I got the distinct impression that we'd met someone special. For me and my husband, Judith would always personify the positive outlook and optimism of beginning a new life together as a married couple. 

I highly recommend Judith Leong, she does a fantastic job.

—Max and Cory


We hope this finds you doing well. Eric and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary (which was officially yesterday) on Orcas Island. We kayaked to a sweet little secluded beach and re-read our promises and ceremony together! What an amazing, inspiring, loving, and sweet gift it is for us to be able to look into each other's eyes and share these beautiful sentiments that are so meaningful to us. We want to thank you for our wedding day- reading and sharing the ceremony again brought happy tears to our eyes. It also continues to give us much to meditate on- including our growth and wisdom in love and to others.

—Tonda and Eric (and Abby)


All is very well, we had an amazing ceremony (also thanks to you) and some gorgeous photos!

—Katie & Nikki


We are back in Sweden and missing Hawaii very much. Thank you very much for the flowers we have got from you and for making our ceremony memorable. You have done it so well. Thank you!

—Yvonne & Robert


You married my husband Mark and I in February down at 69’s beach. And many Mahalo's for performing our dream ceremony for us! :) 

—Rosie Porter


We love your idea of creating our own vows – though I’m sure both of us will look for your assistance! It is also fun to think we can “craft” our ceremony from your multitude of ideas. Thank you for that!

—Kim and Greg


Lovely Lady, We were blessed to discover you as our wedding officiant! Your warm and generous spirit helped to make our special moments even more wonderful. We will forever cherish our wedding ceremony and the key role you played. Thank you!

—Kim and Greg


Now that we are back home from paradise, we want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for us to prepare and conduct our blessed wedding day. You are so wonderful!! Thank you! …Much love to you.

—Lillian and Doyle Jones


Thank you again for such an amazing ceremony. I have had so many people say it was such a beautiful ceremony with so much substance and meaning. I will never forget our wedding day. Hope all is well. Mahalo!

—Cari DuBois