Wedding Package

The Civil Ceremony

    • To gather family and close friends together for a civil wedding ceremony is a less formal way – yet a unique experience for everybody involved in celebrating the marriage promise between two people. Reverend Judith has the experience necessary to conduct these wonderful ceremonies in line with the regulations and licensing requirements and is happy to describe in detail to the wedding couple the running of a civil wedding ceremony. You can choose the theme of your ceremony - from smaller more intimate to a much larger celebration

Big Island Package -$350

  • - Hawaiian Minister

  • - 8 x 10 Hawaiian Keepsake Certificate of Marriage

  • - Typewritten copy of entire Wedding Ceremony

  • - Two Fragrant Single Leis – one each for the Bride and Groom

  • - Includes Beach Permit fee

  • - Ordained and Licensed Minister Performing Ceremony and Blessing

  • - Small, Seasonal Bridal Bouquet