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Judith I. Leong
Non-Denominational Ordained Minister
Zen Shiatsu Practitioner & Reiki Master
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
By Appointment Only


About Trinity Hawaiian Weddings

  • You are my best friend for life.
    I pledge to honor, encourage, and
    support you through our walk together.
    When our way becomes difficult,
    I promise to stand by you and uplift you,
    so that through our union we can
    accomplish more than we could alone.
    I promise to work at our love and
    always make you a priority in my life.
    With every beat of my heart,
    I will love you.
    This is my solemn vow.

      • We in Hawaii imagine and hope for a world of beauty. A world that amplifies equality in marriage, traditional unions and same-sex civil unions. By our public actions we strengthen our own relationships and build bridges of understanding with those around us.
        • As a civil wedding officiant, I take great joy in creating a Hawaiian civil union marriage ceremony that is touching, joyful, intimate and encompassing. I use language that is comfortable and authentic and I include elements that express your relationship in the most meaningful and personal way. We celebrate your partnership as expressed in your civil wedding ceremony. Trinity Hawaiian Weddings treasures naturally balanced energy and equality between two people. I help to bring to light the loving Reiki energy of the universe and promote universal spirituality with everyone I meet. If a couple has loving intent to spend the rest of their lives together, then I will do everything in my power to make that a reality.
        • My mission is to awaken the unlimited creative potential within each couple I meet.  I encourage a time-honored, integrative philosophy that simply joins the hearts and souls of two happy people in love.  My goal is to provide couples with a very unique, memorable and beautiful service. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than uniting a loving couple in marriage!  I have been a Justice of the Peace and non-denominational ordained minister in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Hawaii for the past seven years.  I have performed over 200 weddings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Hawaii.  I have officiated small, private outdoor weddings as well as the larger, more formal affairs located in the most beautiful country settings, on the beach in Hyannis, in Boston’s elite hotels, Fenway Park, a sailboat on Cape Cod, or on Hapuna Beach in Hawaii – just about every venue you can think of!  I encourage couples to meet with me at a “pre-nuptial” meeting.  I pride myself on getting to know couples personally and incorporating their values and ideals into the actual ceremony.
        • Whether we begin planning by conference call/email or during an in-person pre-nuptial meeting, I provide each couple with a DVD containing several examples of traditional and non-traditional wedding ceremonies, vows, poems, readings, etc., to use as inspiration in creating their own unique event. I will perform a traditional or non-traditional wedding ceremony at a location of your choice. Upon completion of the wedding, a complete, typewritten copy of the ceremony is prepared and given to the newlywed couple. A special “Certificate of Marriage” suitable for framing is also included.  I have worked for years to be an expert on etiquette, planning and problem solving.  My rehearsals and ceremonies are conducted with precision, warmth and flair - with a little dab of fun and anticipation!